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Tania Zamorsky, founder of Zamo PR

Hello! My name is Tania Zamorsky and I'd like to boost your business!

Building upon my experience working (in both agency and in-house positions) with some of the world’s leading law firms and lawyers, as well as clients in the non-profit, real estate, HR & employment, entertainment, tech, energy, economic development, education and healthcare spaces, I founded my PR & Communications consultancy, Zamo PR & Communications, in 2019. If you are an existing organization or professional seeking skilled content and communications counsel, feel free to go straight there.

But, now more than ever, I wanted to back up a bit, take it back to the basics and be a bit more obviously inclusive and "incubatory" with my offering. To speak and write more to those who may just be getting started with their businesses, or who may still only be dreaming about doing so. I am particularly interested in reaching those people who may--for whatever reason--feel discouraged, disenfranchised or even paralyzed by the process.

Disclaimer: I do not have an MBA and I would not necessarily describe myself as a "business expert."

And guess what? You don't necessarily need to either. Allow me to explain.

Just like me, I am sure you have worn many hats over the course of your life. My own collection has included those of attorney, writer/editor and senior PR & Communications professional. (Heck, I'll throw in those brief stints, from my youth, as a Jones Beach lifeguard and a Columbia bartender.) It all counts, for all of us. Not one of us has had an identical experience, which gives each and every one of us a unique selling proposition. The trick is finding a way to sell it!

And that's where content, communications and public & media relations come in. Are there other aspects to creating a business? Absolutely. But crafting your message and effectively communicating your story are critical to the growth and success of any business undertaking. Large and sophisticated companies can spend tens of thousands of dollars a month for programs to accomplish this. Why shouldn't you have access to the same approaches and best practices that these larger and sophisticated entities are employing--and employing agencies and people like me to provide?

In addition to my own professional experiences, i have an endless supply of ideas and enthusiasm for helping others to strategize and shine, for getting people excited and then getting them going. So please contact me if I can assist you in this "PR plus" capacity. I look forward to being both your coach AND your cheerleader!

Warm regards,

Tania Zamorsky

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