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On This National Small Business Day, Let's Also Celebrate 'Holiday-themed PR'

Today is National Small Business Day, created and celebrated annually on May 10 to honor the impact of these businesses on our society and economy.

This is also a good day to remember the wide range of 'themed' (non-federal) holidays that exist—from the serious to the silly—which may offer your business additional opportunities for PR and communications content. 

Organized into days, weeks and months, these holidays may offer your business additional opportunities for PR and communications content. 

Today, for example, also happens to be National Shrimp Day, Clean Your Room Day, Trust Your Intuition Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day and World Lupus Day.

Whatever your business, you can probably find at least one holiday that relates to you, or around which you can structure some outreach or special events, with a simple Google search for national holidays or "days of."

B2B, professional service providers and nonprofits will no doubt gravitate more towards the more serious and issues-based holidays, but even they can sometimes take a moment to play (e.g., a bank or credit union might offer free, bank-branded cupcakes to everyone who comes in and opens a new account on National Cupcake Day).

So, if you're a small business, why don't you consider posting something today? 

  • It can be as simple as wishing everyone a Happy National Small Business Day, "from one small business to others!" with some art to accompany. 

  • Pen a more thoughtful and personal post about some aspect of your experience (your origin story, how you overcame a challenge, lessons learned, etc.) as a small business founder.

  • Or you might simply use the holiday to gently remind your followers of the importance of supporting small businesses such as yours.

You should already have a content calendar that you use to plan and schedule a steady stream of PR, thought leadership and marketing content. If so, consider saving some space for holiday-themed PR. 

While it certainly shouldn't be your first priority, it can make for some useful or simply feel-good filler. 

If you'd like to brainstorm about some holidays that might be a good fit for your business, and what specifically you could do with them from a marketing perspective, reach out at bincubate[at]

Happy holidays!

-Tania Zamorsky Founder, Zamo PR and Bincubate



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