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Celebrating future business owners

Last week, we received a lovely message from (UK-based?) Fullers Library librarian, Olivia Ingram, informing us that Emma----who is working towards earning her Girl Scouts "Business Owner" Badge----found Bincubate to be a helpful resource, and wanted to share another useful resource (this business and development guide for female entrepreneurs: that she had found with others.

​Thank you, Emma (and Olivia)! The best business owners strive to support each other. And, since one can never have too many badges...

A badge intended to look like a girl scouts badge, reading This Bincubate Badge goes to Emma, Future Business Owner

In case you'd like to earn the official Girl Scouts Business Owner badge, we found this wonderful resource, posted by the Furthest North Girl Scout Council in Fairbanks, Alaska:

This colorful guide walks scouts through five important steps to running your own business someday, including exploring different types of business, learning the basics, finding support, and understanding the importance of both consumer research and customer service.


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